Ritual Abuse

Ritual abuse refers to the physical, sexual and spiritual abuse of children, adolescents and adults that includes ceremonial practices or rituals done to appease or win favor with dieties such as satan, gods, and goddesses that include human sacrifice. What separates ritual abuse from other types of abuse is that the physical abuse is brutal and can include torture. The sexual abuse is sadistic, painful and humiliating as a means of gaining control over the victim. Sometimes multi-generational, the abusive rituals can include mind control techniques, mood altering drugs, intimidation and terrorism to convey to the victim that no one is safe. Satanism, abusive witchcraft, and spiritual abuse is sometimes used to implant religious indoctrination, and to try to destroy the concept of a loving God; producing an estrangement, terror or an aversion to God leaving them feeling abandoned, worthless, and in a constant state of terror, mental confusion and dissociation. The psychological abuse is intended to cause intolerable conflicts and beliefs, self hatred and betrayal of oneself by people in power.

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Mind Control

Mind control is systematic torture by individuals and criminal groups like sex rings, international traffickers of children, women, drugs, guns, and cults with sprititual agendas that seek to control and exploit others. They do this by inciting fear and indoctrinating an individual usually from childhood to create trauma-induced dissociated identities. These identities are programmed for specific roles to be used for child pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and other more elite roles by groups with military, political, criminal, and espionage agendas.

Amnesiac walls prevent the person from being consciously aware of what they were subjected to, hide personalities from each other and hides the programming that is “installed” in deeply dissociated states who then are activated by contact, hypnotic suggestions, being accessed, to bypass their own free will, choices, and whose only “job” is to blindly follow directives, commands and instructions.

This is achieved through terror and torture causing horrific pain, forcing the person into complete submission. Through interrogation and brainwashing, use of drugs, brain stimulation through electric shock, near-death experiences, spinning, drowning, sensory overload, oxygen, food, and sleep deprivation, isolation, confinement, exposure to extreme cold and heat, illusions, and hypnotic suggestions thoughts and beliefs are thenimplanted (otherwise known as programming/conditioning).

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Perpetrator groups slowly gain a child’s trust and the child may be severely punished for any aspect of play, creativity, wish, fantasy or their own desires and is trained to only look to adults for permission in all aspects of life, including internal. The result is the belief that there is no true safety, no one will help, the group will know and find out everything that they think, feel, or do, and you can’t think for yourself or can’t trust yourself or your own reality.   Abusers go to great lengths to prey on a child’s attachment and basic survival needs for love and security to cause them to become dependent and bonded with them specifically to form loyalty and an alliance of sorts telling them that no one will love them but the group/abuser. Double binds, no-win situations, threats against victims of their loved ones and co-captives, vows to group/entities, set up betrayals and promised secrecy are instilled along with compliance to the group rules. The child grows up abandoning and betraying themselves.   Not only do these acts of terrorism violate the person’s moral and spiritual convictions, it sets up intolerable conflicts in their mind that cause intrasystem divisiveness and hostility.

Forced rituals are done to make the victim believe that they are as bad or evil as the abusers and to feel like they are accomplices to their own abuse and abuse of their co-captors and are just as guilty of the murder of others, causing feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame.These steps are done to instill the following beliefs: they will be found out, they are incapable of making it outside of the group and that they don’t belong anywhere but with “them”.The “do not remember, do not tell, and suicide” programs are reinforced with shaming and punishment to condition the victim by showing them what will happen to them and the people they love (threats of death) if they deviate from specific directives or try to escape.

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The programming is created to last the person’s lifetime, to prevent them from escaping or exposing the group. Most of the threats are lies to maintain the “do not remember, do not tell” programming and getting too close to the memories or knowledge can set off “suicide” and “go crazy” programming.The abuser group commits or stages murders to “show” them what will happen to them and the people they love (threats of death) if they deviate from specific directives or try to leave.To maintain power and control over the abused, perpetrators/groups make exaggerated claims to having more power and authority over them than they really have. A child believes that their abusers have the ability to know all, see all and are able to carry out every threat that has been spoken or that they actually have the surveillance they claim to have.*NOTE (Perpetrators do follow through with some threats but are not all-knowing all-seeing entities like they want victims to believe).

Sometimes it takes a perpetrator dying, or an otherwise stressful life event before a survivor starts to remember the abuse and the programming starts to break down.

It is hard but not impossible to break free once a person realizes they have been abused.Getting away from the abuser, being in a safe environment, having support, and going to therapy is essential. Recovery includes distancing from and setting strict boundaries with abusers, overcoming the tactics of control, and identifying the lies that the person believes.During the period of breaking away, the abusers may make attempts to regain control and their threats or retaliation may escalate. Survivors may have intense fear and anxiety, along with possible suicidal ideation during their healing.  

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